The UMI offers courses in marine zoology, animal physiology, and behavioral neuro-endocrinology for students of Okayama University as well other universities in Japan. Furthermore the Institute is open throughout the year to qualified scientists to conduct their research (e.g., Environmental adaptation/Stress response, Social behaviors including sexual activity, Evolution and a variety of biological regulations in the animal kingdom). The Institute was founded in 1951 in Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku Island, which is located in the Inland Sea of Japan (Setonaikai). In 1979 the Institute was moved to the town of Ushimado, located about 30 km from Okayama University on the northern side of the eastern region of Setonaikai. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has designated the Institute as a joint use national center for ‘Experimental Biology with Organisms in Areas around Inland Seas’ for researchers throughout Japan.

Ushimado Marine Institute (UMI), Faculty of Science, Okayama University

Address: 130-17, Kashino, Ushimado, Setouchi, 701-4303, Japan
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