In 1958, Noto Marine Laboratory was founded as a marine station belonging to the Faculty of Science of Kanazawa University. Our facility was renovated in 1967, and the experiment building, with a total floor area of 267.04 m2, was completed. Furthermore, in 1994, we greatly improved the exterior and interior of the dormitory and the research building. As an institute with several facilities, in 2002, our laboratory became a part of the Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology. Thereafter, in 2007, the institute was reorganized into three departments and eight research divisions; in 2015, it was reorganized again into two departments and four divisions. At present, Noto Marine Laboratory belongs to the Division of Marine Environmental Studies. Noto Marine Laboratory was authorized as a joint usage/education center by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2012. The laboratory consists of two research buildings, a boat house, and a dormitory with dining facilities. It is also open to qualified researchers on a year-round basis. Our laboratory offers marine courses on the study of vertebrates and invertebrates regarding environmental biology, development, physiology, biochemistry, and phylogeny for students of Kanazawa University as well as those of other universities. Dormitory facilities can accommodate about 30 guests. All rooms are air-conditioned. Four large aquariums with temperature regulators are also available for keeping marine animals. Two fiberglass boats with engines, the Aosagi (4.9 t, capacity 22 persons) and the Kurosagi (1 t, capacity 5 persons) are available for fieldwork.

Address: Ogi, Noto-cho, Housu-gun, Ishikawa 927-0553, Japan