History of JAMBIO

JAMBIO (Japanese Association for Marine Biology) was initially established in 2009 as a collaborative network between University of Tsukuba (Shimoda Marine Research Center) and The University of Tokyo (Misaki Marine Biological Station) with the aim of acceleration for the network among Japanese marine stations. JAMBIO had been authorized as a Joint-Usage/ Research Center from 2010 to 2016. During the first stage of JAMBIO, we initiated and continued the international association with WAMS, which was established in 2010 in Paris with other regional association in the world, including MARS (Europe), NAML (USA), TMN (Australia) and UNESCO-IOC. After the contract between the two universities was expired in 2016, the steering committee of JAMBIO and a working group for rebuilding of JAMBIO had discussed on the organization and mission of JAMBIO for the second stage. Thus, JAMBIO was renewed as a more Japanese-wide network including marine stations for both basic science and fisheries science in 2018.

Steering Committee (2023, April)

Kazuo Inaba (President; Shimoda Marine Research Center)
Tetsuro Morita (Deputy President; Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
Gaku Kumano (Tohoku University)
Toru Miura (University of Tokyo)
Masaaki Yoshida(Shimane University)
Kazuhiko Ichimi (Kagawa University)
Tomohiro Sasanami (Accountant auditor; Shizuoka University)

Past Steering Committiee


Constitution for the organization and mission of JAMBIO

(June, 2018)
PDF (only in Japanese)