Fisheries Research Laboratory, Mie University was founded in 1974 as a facility affiliated to the Faculty of Fishes, Mie University. The Laboratory moved into the present location in 1978. The Faculty of Fisheries was integrated with the Faculty of Agriculture, Mie University and the Faculty of Bioresources was established in 1987. Furthermore, three affiliated facilities of the Faculty of Bioresouces (the Experimental Farm, the Experimental Forest and the Fisheries Research Laboratory) were integrated in 2002, and Kii-Kuroshio Bio-regional Field Science Center affiliated to the Faculty of Bioresources was established, and each facility became incidental ones of the Center. In 2006 the Faculty of Bioresouces was reorganized into the Graduate School of Bioresources, and the Center belonged to the Graduate School. About 1,500 researchers and students use the Fisheries Research Laboratory annually. There are an Education and Research Building (main building), Dormitory (maximum 41 people), Breeding house and Boathouse. The Laboratory has a training boat “Tansui” (14 tons, 43 people) and four small boats with outboard engines. Since the Laboratories establishment, biological studies on marine fishes have been conducted, including fisheries biology of Parapristipoma trilineatum (Haemulidae), developmental biology of atherinid, marine cottid and labrid fishes, etc. Current work focuses on taxonomy and phylogeny of ariid, atherinid, carangid and leiognathid fishes.

Address: 4190-172 Wagu, Shima-cho, Shima, Mie 517-0703, Japan